What we do?

Intelligent Lumen has developed an IoT Platform for lighting manufactures by embedding sensing and networking technology in their LED luminaries. It also enables light owners to capitalize on the LED conversion process by enclosing our sensors, both retrofit and new LED luminaires.

Intelligent Lighting System Save up to 90%

Intelligent Lumen, the way of reduce drastically energy consumption in lighting, includes networking and software-based intelligence to increase the energy efficiency benefits of LED fixture.


Intelligent Sensors

Our sensors monitor occupancy, daylight, energy use, light levels, carbon monoxide and temperature beingĀ controlled by Intelligent Lumen Software.


Lighting Control

Management lighting software that gives you total control of sensors and luminaries to maximize energize efficiency.

Intelligent Connections

Sensors are connected throughout wireless network allowing luminaries control and conectivity with other devices.


Data Analytics

Multiple data captured by sensors is processed to reduce energy use increasing safety and productivity

Internet of Things

Intelligent Lumen technology including advance sensors and software management services is a data driven solution for industry and buildings that improves energy and operational efficiency, facility planning, prevention maintenance, fault detection, occupancy comfort and safety in buildings.

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