January 30, 2020 Intelligent Lumen Logo
Carrefour Logo

60 Millon Euros of investment

131,000 M2 of Covered Surface

23 Cells of 6,000 M2 each

1,368 Intelligent Lumen Luminaires

Annual lighting savings of 88%; 2,655 MWH per year

Reduction CO2 emissions 1.6 Tons per year

This is the largest logistics platform in France that Carrefour has launched in 2018. It is located in Artenay-Pourpy, 30 km north of Orleans. The logistics platform of 135,000 m2 , is located on a plot of 34 hectares. The building has 23 cells of 6,000 m2 dedicated storage and preparation of non-food orders (drugstore, hygiene, crafts, gardening, furniture, stationery...)

This gigantic project is part of Carrefour's plan to review the logistics of all its stores in France. Poupry's logistics platform is just one of the new 20 logistics platforms, several ofwhich which are already in operation, such as those of Nimes or Cholet. This new logistics center will create around 310 new jobs, according to preliminary studies, including 240 in Logistics.

"This building is XXXL in size, but not to tell that it's the biggest, but because we need it," said Rémi Goleger, director of Carrefour property, on the occasion of a visit to this logistics platform open to the press.

Rémi Goleger adds: "What makes it a little special is that it is the first place where the Carrefour group prints your visual identity. In terms of design and exterior style, our goal is to make buildings qualitative and recognizable."

The logistics platform BREEAM sustainable building certification, and has the intelligent lighting loT of the Spanish company INTELLIGENT LUMEN . This system, thanks to its sensors integrated at each point of light, connectivity between them, information capture and control through software, allows to adapt the lighting to the real needs, getting savings in energy consumption of 88% compared to conventional lighting technologies.

LED technology-based lighting integrates motion sensor, light sensor, temperature sensor, consumption meter, wireless network communication and a CPU that allows to store all the information captured by the sensors. So is the control and programming of each point of light is done from Intelligent Lumen software and of course from any device, allowing programming based on usage, workload and shifts, type, date, etc. The light powers of each point of light go from 18,000 lumens in warehouse areas to 35,000 lumens in warehouse areas loading and unloading.

With this project Carrefour is committed to the technology of Intelligent Lumen and its lighting platform and the Internet of Things that will allow you in the future to implementation of loT applications such as tracking people, products or machinery as well as its positioning within its facilities.