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The lighting management software was designed with the idea of providing the customer with full control over the lighting.

Through its modern and clean design, it allows the customer to set up customized lighting to reduce energy consumption and increase safety.

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Lighting control software

The heat map software allows clients to see the busiest areas of the their facilities. It provides information on the areas that tend to be most occupied by employees.

One of its most important benefits is the security it provides, because with the data collected, possible future crowds can be avoided.

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Space software

The positioning software detects the location in the facility of people and assets registered through our Asset Tags.

Intelligent sensors communicates by Bluetooth® (BLE) with Asset Tags in order to position them real time on the facility map.

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Positioning software

Energy consumption of the facility can be known for any period of time. You can know the total savings not only in kWh but also in money.

The Reports software contains all the data collected by the intelligent sensors related to power consumption since the lumen system was implemented.

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Reports software