We're ready to help you transform your facility
Warehousing services


Managing an efficient warehouse can be challenging as employees, machinery and merchandise are constantly on the move. In addition to providing considerable energy savings, our sensors enable target location in all types of warehouses.

Manufacturing services


Manufacturing facilities require full control over production, which requires high maintenance and energy costs. By applying our intelligent luminaires, these costs can be reduced by up to 90%, increasing energy efficiency, production costs and employee safety.

Transportantion plattform services


Maintaining a transport platform can be a difficult and time-consuming task if you don't maintain a constant overview of what's going on in your facility.

Our IoT technology will give you full, up to date control of your platform by keeping track of where your most valuable assets and employees are at all times, allowing you to optimize your space and save money at the same time.

Services in a cold storage plattform


Cold storage facilities are busy places with people and machinery in constant motion. Intelligent Lumen's IoT system lets you find new ways to use your energy more efficiently and make the most of your space, including controlling the temperature levels of each area.

Services in offices


Nowadays, companies are focused on improving their offices, making them more intelligent while reducing operational costs and the carbon footprint.

The health care buildings services


Control the light levels to keep your patients comfortable, while you save up to 90% on electricity consumption.