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The IL Intelligent High Bay luminaire includes motion, daylight, temperature and energy consumption sensors and Bluetooth® technology. Thanks to its features and IoT technology, it provides savings of up to 90%.

Luminaires can be programmed to provide light only when and where it is needed. Both individual or group control are possible using our lighting management software.

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Intelligent Lumen sensors are the heart of a smart workplace and the basis of its operation. Thanks to them, companies can enter the world of IoT technology, preparing them for the future. They are integrated into smart luminaires, allowing wireless communication between them and our IoT platform.

They are multifunctional sensors which can measure ambient light, temperature and motion (PIR). Through interchangeable lenses, they can be adapted to different spaces such as offices, warehouses, logistics platforms or factories.

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Assets tags are the newest Intelligent Lumen products for tracking systems. We have two types of assets tags, one for visitor tracking and the other for asset tracking.

Our intelligent sensors use Bluetooth® Low Energy to detect tags. They can be viewed through our positioning software.

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Our Room Control means you can manage lighting installations intuitively and wirelessly with Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE).

They allow simple control of lighting, temperature and miscellaneous electric loads.

The room control is self-powered and never requires batteries because the simple act of pressing the rocker switch generates enough energy to send wireless Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) advertising transmissions to our sensors.

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Other products responsible for transmitting and storing data collected by intelligent sensors are necessary for the perfect operation of the IoT platform.

The Gateway, Server and Control units are responsible for secure handling of data captured for analysis and reporting.

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