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21,500 M2 of surface covered

300 Intelligent Lumen Luminaires

Annual lighting savings of 81% ; 553 MWH per year

Reduction CO2 emissions 193.6 Tons per year

About BNC Euro Express

BCN Euro Express acknowledges the great importance of logistic and freight services in the current climate. Because of that, they know that appropriately integrating ground transport in any organization is key to success.

Intelligent Lumen’s LED technology luminaires have a motion sensor, ambient light sensor, consumption metering, wireless communication and a CPU that allows for storage of all the information captured by sensors. Each luminaire is controlled from the Intelligent Lumen Lighting Management Software, allowing programming based on usage, workload, work shifts, vacation days and calendar days. When installed, the luminaire light output ranges from 3.750 lumens to 74.250 lumens.

In the future, BCN Euro Express will be able to implement IoT applications such as real-time positioning of assets and people within the facilities.