September, 2019 Intelligent Lumen Logo

24,000 M2 of surface covered

600 Intelligent Lumen Luminaires

Annual lighting savings of 93.51% ; 727 MWH per year

Reduction CO2 emissions: 254.5 Tons per year

About SNCF

SNCF is Europe’s undisputed champion in highspeed rail. Their total rail network is the world’s second densest, and they rank second in mass transit. In short, SNCF is a leader in passenger transport and freight logistics around the globe doing business in every area of rail operations and travel. In addition to operating transport networks, SNCF offers tried and tested engineering know-how for infrastructure and rolling stock. They are involved in half the world’s high-speed rail and metro projects, and 60% of all driverless metro projects. All these different expertise—and their skill in combining them—are clearly visible in the talents of SNCF 275,000 employees in 120 countries.

Intelligent Lumen’s LED technology luminaires have a motion sensor, ambient light sensor, consumption metering, wireless communication and a CPU that allows for storage of all the information captured by sensors. Each luminaire is controlled from the Intelligent Lumen Lighting Management Software, allowing programming based on usage, workload, work shifts, vacation days and calendar days. When installed, the luminaire light output ranges from 3.750 lumens to 74.250 lumens.

In the future, SNCF will be able to implement IoT applications such as real-time positioning of assets and people within the facilities.